Firm Description

Tierney/Figueiredo Architects (TFA) is a full service architectural firm based in Santa Rosa, California.  Since 1980, TFA has been dedicated to transforming our clients’ visions into architectural realities. By responding to each client’s and project’s unique requirements, we develop design solutions that create aesthetic, functional and economic benefits for our clients and the community.

TFA offers a wide range of planning, design, construction document, consultant management and construction administration services. Our design expertise spans a wide range of building types, including single and multifamily residential, affordable housing, commercial retail and office buildings, mixed use projects, faith-based and community facilities, industrial, winery, hospitality and historic restoration projects.



Construction Documents

Construction Administration

We pride ourselves on an attention to detail at every level of the design process. This results in successful projects which financially benefit our clients in the short and long term. We believe that such projects are born in a collaborative environment where interaction between ourselves and our clients, consultants and contractors results in efficient, cost-effective solutions that elegantly unite form and function.

transforming our clients' visions into architectural realities